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  Teaching English in Vietnam
One of the most enchanting countries in Asia, Vietnam blends ancient tradition, captivating natural beauty, and modern city life to create a unique and culturally rich experience.
The thriving nation of Vietnam is composed of more than 80 million people and possesses one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. As globalization and financial growth expand opportunities and education within the country, English language instruction is becoming a valuable and demanded asset. Certified TEFL teachers in Vietnam receive a very good salary, and thanks to an extremely low cost of living, you can live very comfortably and perhaps even save money. As an added bonus, you may find some English schools that provide housing for their EFL teachers.

Teaching jobs are readily available in Vietnam’s largest metropolis Ho Chi Minh City, the eastern sea port city of DaNang, and the cultural capital, Hanoi. In addition, TEFL positions can often be found in smaller cities and towns throughout the country. English students in Vietnam range from adults and university students to children in public schools.

Recommended Certification Courses to Qualify for a Position in This Location:
, Vietnam TEFL Course or
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  Your English Students
Business professionals

Best Time to Get Hired
Positions available year-round

Typical Start Dates
Positions available year-round

Length of Commitment
12 month contracts

Typical Teaching Schedules
Full-time and part-time schedules available

Average Pay and Benefits
$900 - $1300 USD per month
Reimbursed airfare upon completion of contract

Average Cost of Living
$350 - $500 USD per month depending on lifestyle

Bachelor’s degree
TEFL certification (TEFL Onsite preferred)

Vietnam Overview
For decades, Vietnam has been associated with the tragedies of war—but the country is redefining itself as a land of vitality and perseverance. With a population of 83 million, Vietnam is equally characterized by rushing motorbike traffic as it is by serene beaches and stunning monoliths. In the north, mountains tower over small villages where traditional attire is still worn by the locals. In the south, canals flow beneath lush mangrove canopies and meander through palm tree forests. Dawn on the Mekong Delta near Ho Chi Minh brings floating markets with villagers selling an array of fresh fruit and vegetables. Despite the impact of war and an abundance of outside influences, the Vietnamese people have managed to both maintain and shape their own fascinating culture and unique customs. But Vietnam is a country whose history is always evident, as ancient relics of fallen dynasties and deserted tanks peek out from behind new vegetation and growing cities.

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  Shangai, China  
  Capital: Hanoi
Population: 83,305,000
Currency: Dong
Language(s): Vietnamese, French, Chinese, Khmer, local languages
Literacy Rate: 94%
Life Expectancy: 72 years
  Vietnam is second only to Brazil in coffee exports.
Vietnam's Halong Bay is home to floating villages of people who rarely step on land—they always follow the fish!
Chinese is the largest ethnic minority in Vietnam.
The five points of the star on the Vietnamese flag represent farmers, soldiers, intellectuals, workers, and youth.
Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of pepper.
  Because of its complex topography, Vietnam’s climate varies greatly from north to south. Southern Vietnam has a tropical climate, with only slight temperature differences throughout the year. In this region, there are only two real seasons—wet and dry. During the wet season from May through October, the country experiences heat and significant heavy rains. Four distinct seasons are most evident in the northern provinces. The annual average temperatures range from 71°F (22°C) to 80°F (27°C) throughout the country. The average temperature in Hanoi (in the north) is 73°F (23°C); in Ho Chi Minh City (in the south) 79°F (26°C); and in Hue (in the center of the country), 77°F (25°C).  
  Average Temperature:
Ho Chi Minh City
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