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  Teaching English in Uruguay
A small nation across the Rio de la Plata from Argentina, Uruguay is known for its serene beach resorts, well-educated populace, European ambiance, and culturally-rich colonial villages. 
A rapidly developing and politically stable country, Uruguay continues to attract more and more tourists each year. This tiny nation’s economy has made an incredible recovery in recent years, mainly due to increased exports to North America. Because the United States is Uruguay’s largest export market, local residents are realizing the need to speak and understand English. As an EFL teacher in Uruguay, your English students will range in age and background. You might teach English to 20 to 30 students in grades K-12, or help business professionals learn the language to help sustain Uruguay’s economic success.

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   Argentina Bridge IDELT™ Course
, Brazil Bridge IDELT™ Course or
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Your English Students
Business professionals

Best Time to Get Hired
March - August

Typical Start Dates
March - August

Length of Commitment
6 to 12 months


Typical Teaching Schedules

Average Pay and Benefits
$300 - $500 USD per month

Average Cost of Living
$300 - $500 USD per month depending on lifestyle

TEFL certification (TEFL Online accepted)
Native speaker or fluent in English

Uruguay Overview

Known for its European feel, Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America, yet bursting with the vitality of a nation twice its size. This politically and economically stable country attracts more visitors per capita than any other South American nation. A land of spectacular natural beauty, Uruguay features mysterious caves, impressive cliffs, lush rolling plains, and unusual, tentacle-like Ombu tree forests that create a fairytale-like atmosphere. The major cities boast modern amenities and technological advancements while small fishing towns preserve traditional history and culture. Uruguay has a notable legacy of artistic and literary traditions, combined with centuries-old architectural remains and fortresses dating back to colonial times.

The stunning and sophisticated coastal capital of Montevideo is one of the only continental capitals that integrates a loop of charming beaches into its metropolitan backdrop. More than 90 percent of the city’s residents are of European decent—a heritage that comes alive in their colorful festivals, entertaining plays and dances, and delicious cuisine. Inland, the culture of the gaucho (the South American cowboy) remains strong, with locals wearing the same authentic attire as the generations that preceded them.


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  Shangai, China  
  Capital: Montevideo
Population: 3,419,000
Currency: Uruguayan peso
Language(s): Spanish
Literacy Rate: 98%
Life Expectancy: 75 years
  Uruguay was the first country in the world to establish a minimum wage for farm workers and enforce the eight-hour work day.
Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is nicknamed “The City of Roses.”
Yerba Mate, an herbal beverage with stimulating properties, is the national drink of Uruguay.
Borsch is a quintessential Ukrainian dish, sometimes containing 20 or more different ingredients.
The Ukrainian name for vodka is horylka, and it is usually made with red pepper.
  Ukraine’s weather is characterized mostly by precipitation and cloudy skies, especially in the winter months. In the winter, temperatures average 21°F (-6°C). The average temperature during summer is 67°F (19°C), though sometimes temperatures can climb to 90°F (30°C). Kiev enjoys a moderately continental climate, with July and August receiving the most rain. The lowlands near the Black Sea see less rain than western Ukraine near the Carpathian Mountains.  
  Average Temperature: Montevideo  
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