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  Teaching English in the Ukraine
Dubbed the "breadbasket" of Europe for its fertile, agriculturally rich lowlands, the Ukraine is home to precious
natural resources, historical treasures and a lively, resilient populace. 
In the Ukraine, the demand for English is soaring. Numerous language institutes have opened over the past few years and many private schools have a student wait list for their English courses. And with the election of a pro-European Union president in 2004, the Ukraine’s demand for English should continue to flourish in the coming years. Native-speaking English teachers are still hard to come by in the Ukraine, so TEFL jobs are plentiful. Teaching opportunities abound in a variety of areas, including business English, Cambridge Exam preparation, and English for young learners. Ukrainian teachers also need training in order to better teach English in their own classrooms—providing yet another option for foreign EFL teachers.

Recommended Certification Courses to Qualify for a Position in This Location:
   Bridge IDELT™
, Hungary CELTA Course or
UAE TEFL Facts:   Conctact us for more information on teaching in this country
  Your English Students
Business professionals

Best Time to Get Hired
December January

Typical Start Dates
January – February

Length of Commitment
12-month contracts

Typical Teaching Schedules
Full-time and part-time schedules available

Average Pay and Benefits
$400 - $1000 USD per month

Average Cost of Living
$500 - $700 USD per month depending on lifestyle

Bachelor’s degree
TEFL certification (TEFL Onsite required)
Native speaker of English

Ukraine Overview

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, yet it remains one of its lesser-known gems. Rich in natural resources, the country boasts a relatively mild climate and some of the world’s most fertile soil. In the famous “breadbasket” region in eastern central Ukraine, wheat, grains, sunflowers, cabbage, potatoes and fruit are bountiful. Once the USSR’s second-strongest economy, the country has struggled severely since the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, the Ukraine is now making strides as an emerging market with a rapidly growing economy.

Ukrainian customs are influenced deeply by Christianity—the country’s chief religion. Its culture has also been shaped by its neighbors to the east and west, and is reflected in the nation’s impressive architecture, unique music and exceptional artwork. Home to about 3 million people, the capital Kiev is a scenic city situated on the Dnipro River. Many of the bustling city’s architectural charms were restored extensively after World War II. Despite the Ukraine’s historical repressions, political turmoil, and ecological misfortunes, its spirit and identity have persevered and continue to shine. 


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  Shangai, China  
  Capital: Kiev
Population: 45,994,288
Currency: Ukrainian
Language(s): Hryvnia
Literacy Rate: 99.4%
Life Expectancy: 68 years
  The tradition of painting eggs with colorful dye and wax for Easter originated in the Ukraine.
Kiev, Ukraine’s capital city, is known as the “Golden Domed City” because of its ornately domed churches.
In the Ukraine, if you find a spider web in your house on Christmas morning, it is said to be an omen of good luck.
Borsch is a quintessential Ukrainian dish, sometimes containing 20 or more different ingredients.
The Ukrainian name for vodka is horylka, and it is usually made with red pepper.
  Ukraine’s weather is characterized mostly by precipitation and cloudy skies, especially in the winter months. In the winter, temperatures average 21°F (-6°C). The average temperature during summer is 67°F (19°C), though sometimes temperatures can climb to 90°F (30°C). Kiev enjoys a moderately continental climate, with July and August receiving the most rain. The lowlands near the Black Sea see less rain than western Ukraine near the Carpathian Mountains.  
  Average Temperature: Kiev  
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