Yun Gu School Billigual Teacher

Teach for the Future 
Hangzhou, , China

School Overview
Yungu school is located in Sandu Town in Shuangqiao Village, Hangzhou City, China. Built between the beautiful terrain of mountains and Yuhang Tong river, the campus occupies 543 acres of land. Within this space, the School hopes to develop a student-oriented education system, where the student’s quality of life and student’s growth are the core values.

Position: Bilingual Teacher Assistants for Kindergarten, primary, middle school.

1. Participate in the discussion of relevant key aspects within the curriculum and some daily teaching.
2. Participate in the discussion and implementation of project-based learning (PBL), interdisciplinary integration projects
3. Plan and counsel the growth and development of the students as a mentor.
4. Use technology as a means to assist in the teaching practice and explore the integration of education and technology.

1. Bachelor’s Degree and above, major in related subject
2. Have a certain understanding of relevant disciplines or subject teaching
3. Fluent in English, overseas background is preferred.

Middle school- English teacher assistant, 1 vacancy
Primary and middle schools-Science teacher assistant, 1-2 vacancies for each department
Kindergarten assistant- 3 vacancies
Music teacher assistant-1 vacancy;
P.E. teacher assistant- 1-2 vacancies,

Position: Science teacher- 1 vacancy

1. Participate in the planning and construction of science laboratories.
2. Design the school-based laboratory courses which coincide with the science courses.
3. Assisting students in the exploration of various research topics.

1. Bachelor degree or above, with a Chemistry and Physics related background
2. Have a good understanding and experience with relevant equipment found within the laboratories and ability to design innovative experiments
3. Ideal candidate will have relevant access to higher education laboratory resources;
4. Fluent in English, overseas background is preferred.

ID #7434 Location Shuangqiao Village, Hangzhou, , China Type of school Recruiter

Teacher Requirements

Bridge IDELT, CELTA, or Equivalent 4 Year Degree
No Teaching Experience Required

School Information

Teach for the Future

Founded by alumni from Harvard Business School and Harvard Graduate School of Education in September 2015, Teach for the Future (TF) is a rapidly growing educational agency registered in Vancouver, Canada, and Hangzhou, China. TF is committed to maintaining a stable and efficient platform for qualified teachers who are interested in educating Chinese students online or offline. In 2016, TF initiated its web platform project to provide a transparent and user-friendly online recruitment experience so that teachers can communicate with educational institutions directly.

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